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Welcome to (or just Crit Damage), where we bring you a unique twist on video games media with a wicked blend of informed opinions from content creators, seasoned journalists, brand influencers, and all-round awesome dudes.

Meet our Tri-force of awesome content creators!


Nick ‘Dooba’ Getley (@NickGetley)

Nick has over 7 years as a video game journalist, having written for multiple websites. He was previously the editor-in-chief of Sticky Trigger. He is also an avid event organiser, and Twitch streamer, having planned and executed multiple events in the Newcastle area, including a Pokemon Go walk with over 1200 attendees and a 72-hour Twitch stream marathon which raised over $5500 for Camp Quality. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.


Matthew ‘HYP3R’ Raspe (@hyp3rstrike)

The self-proclaimed ‘uncensored jerkbag’ of the team, Matt has been around the games media scene for close to a decade starting out as a writer for PlayStation Universe. He’s since written for various publications such as Android Australia, and Sticky Trigger. In between writing reviews, Matt also streams on Twitch four times a week. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.


Hope ‘Muse Shake’ Corrigan (@muse_shake)

Could that be the sound of never shutting up about games? It must be that pesky Hope is in earshot!  Hope started out in Games Journalism back in 2012 writing for Australia’s largest Nintendo fansite Vooks. From there she’s popped up all over the web dispersing her unwanted opinions in both written and video form to anyone who’ll listen. Currently you can find her creating content here, IGN and sometimes just for herself. If you’d like to hear more about how JSRF is the best game of all time, how we need a new World of Darkness Vampire game, or see way too many photos of her dogs, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

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